Some people are less fortunate than the others are. In Canada, because of the different circumstances, some people are brought to the point that they require financial assistance, counseling and emotional support. When they are in distress, people represent a treat to themselves and the others around them. Facilities are needed to address their physical, social and emotional needs. Abroad, there are people struggling to survive the most indecent conditions of life. Canadian Serbs are disturbed by how drastically the quality of life in their country of origin has declined, leaving people crippled physically, financially and emotionally. The most innocent victims of all negative happenings are children. Some of them are orphans and some live with parents that are unemployed, mentally distressed or suicidal.

To address the human misfortune both at home, in Canada, and in their country of origin, Canadians of Serbian origin formed Canadian Serbian Humanitarian Foundation Stara Raska. The goal of this foundation is to help providing for the dignified physical and emotional comforts of life to those in need. Its charitable activities will contribute to the process of making our communities a better and safer place to live, as well as to contribute to Canada’s recognition as the top country in the world in humanitarianism.

Kanadsko Srpska Humanitarna Fondacija Stara Raška je osnovana u Junu 2004 godine u Torontu. Direktne aktivnosti fondacije se koncentrišu na Rašku oblast rukovodjeni željom da se pomogne opstanak naših ljudi u ovom dvoetnickom delu Srbije, ali se one ne ograničavaju samo na tu oblact Srbije.